The Auckland Youth Symphonic Band Incorporated (AYSB (Inc)) is a society which runs both the Auckland Youth Symphonic Band (AYSB) and the Auckland Wind Orchestra (AWO). The AYSB was the original group and was set up to cater for younger musicians.

The AYSB  started in 1973 when Hugh Dixon, the founder of the AYSB (Inc), found he had over ninety players available for the band. The solution – form another band!

Conductors of the Junior Band have included Martin Heath, now Senior Lecturer in Music at the Teachers College, David Adlam, now a professional conductor and clarinet soloist, and Bob Savigny, a multi instrumentalist renowned for his electric violin, and more recently Rod McLeay who led the group from 1977 until 2018.

In 1973, the AYSB was the only game in town. Other than ensemble work, there were very few outlets for wind and brass players. During the next twenty years more and more schools formed their own wind bands. Today, there are very few schools without such a group.

The AYSB Junior Band compliments the AWO by filling a niche in Auckland’s youth music scene for musicians who want more than their schools can offer. For players from schools with no band, a small band, or a very basic band, the AYSB is a great outlet. After fifty years, the band library is very extensive. The range of music available is enormous. Each year we play marches, latin, classical transcriptions, show tunes, pop tunes, original compositions, jazz, film themes, TV themes, and novelty items. Rehearsal time, without the distractions of school, is more rewarding.

Socially, the band is a great place. Players get the chance to mix with like-minded people, people from Howick get to make friends with people from Swanson and players from single sex schools get to meet the opposite sex. Lifelong friends, and sometimes marriages are made. We have several second generation band members, and more are on the way.

To view the constitution for the AYSB (Inc) please click here.